Display Stands

Custom Display Stands & Mounts

Displaying art adds to the presence of the piece. Safe and proper mounts allow items to be shown at their best. We now offer custom, museum quality display stands out of welded steel. Each stand is fabricated to fit the item perfectly and be as discrete as possible. The stands are finished in a primer coating and multiple layers of matte black top coats. Felt pads will be added to the base of each stand. 

Contact us at info@thecollectorsalley.com if you have any height limitations or questions. 

Pricing: Prices start in the $75 range, and will increase depending on the size/complexity of the stand. The client is responsible for all shipping costs to and from our studio. Turnaround typically is 2-3 days, however please allow for one week once we receive your item. 

Note: It is important for the item(s) to be shipped to us for an exact fit. Working from photos and dimensions is too problematic.

Examples: Below is a sampling of some of the custom display stands we have fabricated. 

Custom disply stand for an Ute knife and sheath, circa 1860s. 


Custom display stand for a pair of early Great Lakes knee garters, circa 1825-1850.


Custom display stand for a Sioux knife and sheath, circa 1890.